1. “Onward! To glory!!!!”
    “Honey… I a little push please??”

  2. cc

    I am glad they got their kid back from that gypsy family.

  3. A Game of Perambulators.

  4. gary coleman's ghost

    The baby looks midgety.

  5. Cock Dr

    That guy has the type of face that looks good carved on a mountainside. I say we supersize Dinklage ASAP.

  6. His wife looks like she’s been crying ever since she decided to marry that fucker Dinklage…

  7. Odbarc

    Half way home, he wanted the ride the rest of the way.

  8. Hugh G. Rection

    Wow, Sansa didn’t age well after she married Tyrion.

  9. What does Woody Allen have on them?

  10. fuckface

    Hah… you said little.

  11. fred

    They always look so happy. Maybe Will Ferrell was right. He IS an angry little elf.

  12. The stress of raising two kids is getting to her I see.

  13. Happy loving couples make it look so easy…
    Happy loving couples always talk so kind…

  14. I am really digging the Joe Jackson references off Look Sharp! and I’m The Man today.

  15. Fuck, at least the child looks somewhat happy.

  16. Blundstones… excellent choice in footwear.

  17. Sean Bean, just off camera to the right, and pissed at getting killed again too soon in a major entertainment event, decided to exact some form of petty revenge and has just told Dinklage that the Shire’s not a real place.

  18. whatever

    he found an elf to have a kid with??? did not even know they really existed! unreal!

  19. whatever

    you can tell by that kids face that it will be a shortie like daddy

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