1. ad naseum

    Too much estrogen and not enough testosterone.

  2. Mr. Creosote

    even obese men know to cover up the grossness.

  3. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Looking for Mister Fubar

  4. God, those titties look nasty.

  5. You can take the tits off the chick, but you’ll never get the iphone out of her hand.

  6. Neen

    Ahhh the perks of being a man…a douchey chin strap, and the freedom to expose your huge beer gut. NOW I understand the decision.

  7. I’m permanently scarred for life now. Thanks.

  8. Hold on, where’s the NSFW warning? This dude still has a vagina, so wouldn’t that mean we’re looking at a set of titties? I just don’t understand the legal mechanics of this whole dudes with cooze thing.

    • Abby Normal

      Just another one of those guys without penises… like Rihanna, which is why Chris Brown had to dish out an ass whuppin’.

    • Seriously. Just when I figured out the “chicks with dicks” legal dichotomy (damn you, HR!), Chaz Bono comes along and screws it all up.

  9. Codot

    The ONE TIME you should’ve had pink stars!

  10. it had to be said

    You know, maybe Dancing with the “Stars” was not the place to test out the new cockbody . . .

  11. No fat dude runs around shirtless as much as this fat chick does.

  12. Tracey

    While I agree this is not a plesant photo, give him a break he has Balls!

  13. cc

    SF writer and/or photoboy, you really crossed the line this time.

  14. Hugh Gentry

    nice side boob!

  15. Napoupi

    I wonder if it would still have chosen to become a man if someone had told it that it could just drop the Cheetos and Taco Bell, shed some pounds and be just as pretty as any other girl…

  16. Perplexity

    You should see his prize possession, encased in carbonite – the infamous Han Solo

  17. tito

    uncle kracker has to be pissed that this dude his stealing his mojo.

  18. Well as least Sonny was spared this horror.

  19. samuel

    now thats what i call a real man…

  20. Bonky

    Reminder: “He” still has a vagina. Gross.

  21. squishy

    Ugh! Honestly?? Dancing with the Stars…Honestly?!?!

  22. Venom

    Disgusting abomination that should be hunted down and killed.

  23. Unholy krep

    This picture is obviously mislabeled- this is Steven Seagal in “Under the Razor”, a direct to video gem about an assassin barber and the orphanage he saves from evildoers.

  24. SteveG

    Come at me Bra!

  25. Oscar

    I think I puked in my mouth a little.

  26. All we need now is a WWE announcer and a shotgun. You can listen to the announcer; I’m going to blow my eyes out.

  27. The Brown Streak

    God, I have to delete my files and cookies now just so it won’t be in my computer…

  28. No rules, for rough engagement

    I don’t get squeamish about mastectomy scars anymore thx to Chaz. I might send him some bio oil.

  29. Bonky

    Why is it legal for this shemale/maleshe to “show off” her flat boobs in public ?

  30. renzomatic

    You’d think he’d have said ” I want to be a man, a skinny man, after the surgery.” Apparently he didn’t and all they really gave him was a beard. And worse tits.

  31. tlmck

    So that’s what deflated tits look like.

  32. On the upside, the dude has a great head of hair and probably won’t have to worry about Male Pattern Baldness.

  33. Its pizza the hut with extra pepperoni and no sausage

  34. MisterSuccint

    Q: How much fat does it take to turn B-cups into sinkholes?

    A: See above.

    If you answered I give you a “C-”.

  35. sooooooosuperficial

    I find the two-tone grossly fat Amish dude look quite becoming.

  36. Jamie

    I realize that your obsession with boobs apparently knows no bounds but how many times do I have to throw up in my mouth before you stop posting disgusting topless photos of this chick? I thought even you had standards…

  37. SamAttack

    Ironic considering she wanted to be a man, but ended up with bitch tits.

  38. This chick has a better beard than Ashton Kutcher.

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