1. Ironic that he is arrested for the same thing his ex-wife needs to get off, battery(ies)?

  2. Rosalie

    He’s 51. Those Lohans certainly do age well.

  3. If he gets probation, maybe Lindsay and him can both not do their community service together…like a family bonding thing.

  4. Deep inside, you know he’s just waiting for that call from Playgirl.

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Pray for mercy from boots… in Puss

  6. Mooty

    Ha! This is awesome. For shits and giggles I started a Lohan mugshot portrait wall in my office at work. I’m glad to add one more in less than a week.

  7. He was probably upset when Lindsay took the Playboy offer, thereby nullifying the Hustler deal he’d been trying to work out for her himself.

  8. it had to be said

    I wonder if Casa Lohan has mug shots going up the stairway like normal people have graduations, weddings, etc.

  9. Gallant calls his daughter to congratulate her on her new opportunity. Goofus gets into a domestic dispute over oral sex, fakes a heart attack, and tries to sneak out of the hospital to evade police.

  10. Great, he thinks he can compete with Lindsay’s Playboy photos by giving us a mug shot? Not even close, dude

  11. There’s a face that says, “I’m sorry I kicked a woman in the babymaker.”

  12. Bonky

    “Damn, another entry to my Wikipedia profile….”

  13. I’ve been offline for most of today, so I’m going to assume they arrested him on grounds of That Fucking Face.

  14. The Brown Streak

    Lesson learned: When you kick a woman in the vagina, it’s not like a coke machine where white powder comes out.

  15. GuyLeDouche

    Not even a Kardashian could love that face, but if there was any money in it they would try, oh, they would surely try.

  16. renzomatic

    Is Dina just getting arrested in other countries for kicking men in the balls so we just dont know it? Don’t all of the Lohans spend time in jail? What does she so do when shes not being Lindsay’s slurspokeswoman?
    Oh! Where is anorexic Ali?

  17. “You talkin’ to me…???”

  18. Steelerchick

    Don’t you just want to punch him??

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