1. rantatonne

    Kelly Brook DD7 : The Girl with the Golden Bust

  2. Boom go the golden globes!

  3. Josephus

    Your move, Portman.

  4. Now who’s going to beat Dolly Parton with the mammary missiles.

  5. I hope she doesn’t have Octopussy.

  6. M’enh. Yes… I know… I’m crazy.

  7. Raaaaaa

    she’s a very *cough* HANDSOME woman

  8. conservative satanist

    She’s absolutely gorgeous…and she’s even a little curvier than usual (?) perhaps.


  9. Fishballs

    I want to fuck her in all her holes.

  10. God damn it woman! She looks better every time I see her. I would fuck her like my life depended on it, because it does.

  11. I’d give her my right leg if she’d just let me touch her tits!
    Well, I might try to talk her into throwing in a blowjob.

  12. Always say cunt

    I am definitely a heterosexual.


  13. YTBOY

    Are those the “Golden Globes”???

  14. Put It In

    So…. Why is she there?

  15. EricLr

    She’s like Angelina Jolie–only without having to deal with the fear of her stabbing you in your sleep, the 100 kids, or Jennifer Aniston stalking you.

  16. Beer Baron

    The Man Who Loved Titties Too Much

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