1. Animal

    His hand must be dead.

  2. The man is a pioneer and all but he looks like a downsy idiot that just bought himself a new toy…

  3. Bionic_Crouton

    From the look on his face you can tell that she still has that new whore smell.

  4. Jesus, lose the hat Russell. Even the Sentilelese tribe from the Amazon know you’re bald.

  5. Randalicious

    Victoria then this. Two hookers in a row

  6. Phoenix

    Fuck him and fuck that stupid hat.

  7. angerinside

    “Vat you mean eez not Obama. FUCK”

  8. Vlad

    After the ball he has a baseball game to umpire…in 1956

  9. It’s a stroke victim party.

  10. Can’t quite figure out what to do with that left hand, can you, Russell?

  11. Swearin

    Her name sounds like a Russian spy from a bad James Bond fanfic

  12. Vladmir

    Oh no. Is Russell dying? Russell is dying everybody…

  13. hijkmno

    you have to admit, it’s a helluva lot better than walking around with a pen in your hand all the time.

  14. Trying to reach the butt that ain’t there.

  15. caley

    He completely looks like Dave Chappelle playing Tiger Woods.

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