1. 1NDUN

    Nobody needed to say, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”.

  2. BillEBuoy

    Well, he does have a face for radio.

  3. YAAR

    Hey! You should this this would turn me into Stephon Urkel!

  4. Tidbit

    Stupid colored shoes don’t work for – there’s no way they’ll work for Urkell.

  5. tlmck

    Since he’s such a big star. they gave him the large dressing room.

  6. “It may not look like much…But at least I own my own house!”

  7. Senor Trout

    ‘Take that mask off….nope, still don’t recognize you.’

  8. caley

    From the set of ‘I Know What You Did Last Never’

  9. Bionic_Crouton

    Nope, you’re still Urkel. Get back in there.

  10. Anthony

    Yes, you did do that. Stop asking us!

  11. Jentilly

    That’s close enough to being a closet right?

  12. I always new he was a snowball – white on the outside, black on the inside…..and super gay.

  13. Worst. Friday the 13th sequel. Ever.

  14. Dude, even with that mask on you’ll never convince people that you’re white.

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