1. Senor Trout

    ‘It is so nice to be here in Mexico where noone mistakes me for the Anthony Wiener.’

  2. “so Jennifer spreads her legs, and the suction from that slams a door down the hall…..”

  3. JoeBB

    Can *I* sasla?

  4. “…well, since you asked. I prefer a thong. It gives me the kind of freedom of movement I always dreamed of.”

  5. crb

    This entire interview was done with the biggest lisp recorded since Thomas Lennon voiced Geoff Peterson as Khloe Banderas on Late Night With Craig Ferguson.

  6. “I am feeling very inadequate and a little turned on holding this black phallic microphone.”

  7. Phoenix

    Fernando’s Hideaway reboot.

  8. Dox

    “Why yes, Hollywood did consider Jen and I, the sexiest men in music.”

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