1. JC

    This picture sums up exactly why no one under the age of 75 watches Jay Leno.

  2. It’s amazing how many people think Larry the Cable Guy is an actual person, but Pee Wee Herman is just a character.

  3. Behind the candelabra 2 – Goin’ country…

  4. Wanna see if rimming me gives you cancer?

  5. Dox

    “I’ve tongued worse…” – Michael Douglas.

  6. Inner Retard

    OK, now they HAVE to make an Odd Couple remake.

  7. JoeBB

    I would just like to remind everyone that this is the man that NBC chose over Letterman and Conan.

  8. dick Feet

    “Wait.. let me get a snorkel before you sit on my face!”

  9. and now his cancer is back.

  10. He is no different a clown than Nicki Minaj.

  11. “C’mon Michael… roll out that tongue and Git-Er-Done!”

  12. “Give ‘er tongue”

  13. Deva

    “Ain’t no cancer causers up here big boy!”

  14. Art Crow

    Larry: Well, ooh la di da, Mr. French Man.
    Michael: Well what do _you_ call it?
    Larry:: A car hole!

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