1. Hank E. Ring

    Should I dress like Johnny Depp, or Russell Brand? BOTH!

  2. Look Bam, it barely works for Johnny Depp, and nobody wishes he was Ryan Dunn’s co-pilot.

  3. The Emperor has no Hygiene.

  4. Dox

    “Check it out, I robbed a homeless guy on the way here. METAL!”

  5. Smapdi

    Douchebag and the Amazing Technicolor Bathrobe

  6. That’s gotta smell just terrible.

  7. JoeBB

    Wasn’t he the one who got killed in the car wreck? Looks pretty good, considering.

    • catapostrophe

      No–he’s the one that got himself on TV a lot because of that car wreck. Easy mistake to make.

  8. caley

    I believe what we’re seeing here is the ever-elusive Douchebag Bingo! Turn in your cards, folks, another round will be coming up shortly.

  9. I just hope they were handing out swag bags full of tequila and porsche keys.

  10. cc

    His uniqueness is so effortless, don’t you find?

  11. flaT

    How are you still alive???

  12. Here’s a kick in the gut for you, Bam is worth $45 million.

  13. Coming to the sad realization that most stars these days are just stupid clowns.

  14. PETA was going to fuck him up, but felt anything they did to him would be an improvement.

  15. Where the Douche Things Are.

  16. You know, static cling’s easy enough to fix with some fabric softener.

  17. try harder, douche mcfuck face nugget cultural speed bump that no one will remember

  18. Nik

    The three celebs I hate the most are Tom Cruise, Shia Laboof, and this asshole.

  19. “Two plus two is…mmmm…wait, I’ll get it…two plus two…one, two, three…”

  20. looks like Bum Margera to me

  21. andie

    Say what you will about Lena Dunham, but it’s inspiring to see a woman achieve so much in her 20s.

  22. Who the fuck is this, and why?

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