1. She looks fucking amazing!

  2. God damn. She’s what happens when natural hotness mixes with skilled knife work.

  3. Pickle Nose

    Looks great. My only complaint is that she’s wearing nylons, and the only people that wear those are grandmothers or those that have something to hide. Of course, my highly critical nature is a only a sad defense mechansim…

  4. I just climaxed.

  5. fred

    Hiding her hands and elbows. Smart.

  6. Inner Retard

    OK, I’m officially impressed.

  7. catapostrophe

    Billy Joel may be crazy.

  8. cc

    60? 60?!!!

    Who’s laughing now, troutface.

  9. Dox

    A great plastic surgeon. I wonder if her face has more than three expressions.

  10. Sweet Jesus, does she drink the blood and eat the souls of young virgins?

    • crb


      I don’t know what that Mystery’s closet-pilfering homeless person from 2 frames ago was called,

      But that right there in the white is what you call: BAM!

  11. she’s 60. isn’t time to relax a little? not saying she doesn’t look good just that it’s fucking creepy.

  12. gary coleman's ghost

    I bet Alexa Ray looks at her and wants to slit her wrists – after punching Billy Joel in the face – and the nuts.

  13. Goddamn! She’s gorgeous. Her daughter must hate her guts.

  14. tlmck

    Just off camera: Alexander Skarsgard on his knees begging.

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