1. yourmom

    Does this mean there’ll be a sequel?

  2. He wants to Dawe her in the butt.

  3. Dox

    That is the look of a man, that knows everyone has seen his girlfriend get banged in the ass by another man. Probably with a bigger dick.

  4. Jason Sudeikis needs to start dressing his age.

  5. Not seen: Brian’s parents both committing suicide.

    • Dox

      Imagine that conversation….
      “Mom, dad… Id like you to meet my girlfriend Farrah.”

      “Son, are you sure you’re not gay. I swear when you were growing up, you seemed very gay to me. No need to hide it. We accept you. Please be gay. Please?”

  6. I’m assuming they’re looking for the back door.

  7. Hugh G. Rection

    Let me take a guess about the bf, no job, no prospects, big penis.

  8. JoeBB

    Yeah, “boyfriend.” As in: “Maria the hooker had $400 worth of boyfriends last night.”

  9. I'mCool

    Shared thought bubble: “I can do way better than this.”

  10. George P Burdell

    The moment Brian realized that he in real life you can’t shoot the hooker.

  11. cc

    Ah, young love…kissing a girl who had a pornstar plunge his duck into her ass and then directly into her mouth.

  12. that’s the face of a man thinking about why his girlfriends mouth tastes like shit

  13. I bet she will tell everyone that he is a millionaire record producer, which means he is really the top fry guy at McDonald’s.

  14. gary coleman's ghost

    Psst. Hey Brian, that’s not morning breath you smell.

    James Deen

  15. It’s the first time she and a date have slipped _out_ the back door.

  16. I really want her to make more porno movies. That was one hell of a debut.

  17. I’d think she was definitely doable if she didn’t have those ridiculous after-market titties.

  18. Deva

    Squirter and Squirtee arriving home after a casual evening stroll.

  19. Paully Boston Baby!

    This guy is sooo fucking douchey he actually makes Farrah look sorta normal.

  20. “Don’t you like holding my hand, Brian?”
    “Well, yeah. I guess so. If this is what I gotta do for a blowjob…”

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