1. Try saying “marsupial” three times when you’re wasted.

  2. Your move, Gere….

  3. Dox

    “No no… you have to relax the sphincter, or you’ll never get both in there.”

  4. “Look! I’m a nut storing squirrels in his mouth.”

  5. Smapdi

    Hasselhoff badly misinterpreting his friend’s advice to “get some beaver on his face.”

  6. Of the three primitive primates pictured, only one smells of schnapps.

  7. “Like two soft, fuzzy cheeseburgers!”

  8. “Richard Gere has nothing on me.”

  9. Inner Retard

    Next for Hasselhoff: Lemurewatch… *cues music*… Some lemurs stand in darkness, afraid to step into the light…

  10. fred

    He looks happy because some intern thought it would be funny to tell him he would be seeing “drink monkeys”.

  11. Hugh G. Rection

    Which one is David Hasselhoff

  12. JoeBB

    Lecherous Loser Loves Lemurs.

  13. Spleen

    Please let this be a still from an upcoming episode of When Animals Attack.

  14. The Pope

    Norm Macdonald was right.

  15. Hey everybody. I’m crazy got-lemurs-for-sideburns man. Now give me some candy!

  16. Dick Feet

    Don’t Hassel the Hoff!

  17. “The Lemure” – worst Wolverine knock-off, ever.

  18. cc

    I was in Vienna…lots of tall blondes with hazel eyes and a few freckles. I loved that freakin’ city. Though $16 for a gin and tonic was a drag.

  19. He likes to booze it, booze it,
    He likes to booze it, booze it …

  20. The one on our right knows something bad is about to happen, the one on our left looks resigned to his fate.

  21. andie

    Olivier Sarkozy’s urbane sophistication was no match for the King of the Internet

  22. “Dammit David, I said demure… not lemur.”

  23. They’re a bit on the small side. Does one roll them in flour before cooking them?

  24. “These lemurs smell … deeeelicious !!”

  25. andie

    The Olsen twins’ thing for older men is just getting weird

  26. “I’m not sure why but this is way better then motor boating Pam Anderson’s big ol’ fake tits.”

  27. Deva


  28. Marc Ferris

    Is this one of those pictures where you turn it upside down to see that it’s really Gandolf or Robert Plant?

  29. Really...?

    You know your career is fucked when you are reduced to photobombing lemur holiday snaps.

  30. “I don’t know what they are, Doc. I woke up this morning and they had grown out of my cheeks.”

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