1. EricLr

    Coffee cups must be magical or something. When I walk down the street, people just come up and put change in them.

  2. Proof that ugly can never be the new black.

  3. have you noticed that you never see him and courtney stodden in the same picture…

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    First Amanda Bynes, then Lindsay Lohan, now this guy?

    Does NYC have a giant sign over it that says, “Send us your turds”?

  5. Buddy The Elf

    The 8th Psychopath?

  6. savedatwins

    honey – did you see that homeless man? He’s got a chihuahua in his back pocket!

  7. sandycakes

    thank god we don’t have smell-o-vision on this thing.

  8. zomgbie

    he wears that hat to keep his coffee out of his hair.

  9. I never give this guy my change. I just smirk and put it in my pocket. Then I smile, take a sip of my four dollar coffee, and walk away.

  10. Is it possible to get so cool you get epileptic?

  11. I think we found the 8th psychopath…

  12. For any of you just learning English, this guy is displaying the definition of “skulking.”

  13. He always looks so flattered when he gets his picture taken in public, almost blushing. Usually it takes a splash of cold water to make a guy act like a little girl that fast.

  14. hijkmno

    I don’t know, there’s almost something cool about him, in an ironic kinda way.

    Like…he gets horrible plastic surgery and dresses like Richard Greco not because he wants to look more appealing but rather because he recognizes that the look is tacky and only wants to look like this as a means of making fun of the “style” and the people who sincerely would appreciate such a look. However, upon reflection, he probably realizes that his irony may not be self-evident in the look. Instead, people who see him may just conclude that he’s simply a douchebag, instead of getting the joke. Where he has intended to be ironic, people might take him seriously. Which, in the end, is an even deeper, though unintended, irony.

    • I see where you’re going with this, and it’s possible. Kind of like Helena Bonham Carter. It took years before we all figured out that it wasn’t (just) that she had horrible taste, it was that she didn’t care what we thought. Which was, and is, kind of awesome about her. And I did get that “it’s so great to be famous again, I never expected this” vibe from him at first … but I’m getting a “since I’m famous, I’m my old douchey self again” vibe from him these days. No matter what he’s wearing.

  15. HenryHill

    where the fuck did i leave my squeegee?

  16. She’s out of your league.

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