1. Ugh, what a dogface!

  2. ahyeahboy

    who’s who here??

  3. Contusion

    …and another older lady on the left.

  4. Eric

    Muppets take Milan

  5. What’s the common denominator in this picture?
    All three have had their penises surgically removed.

  6. That is ONE tough F, marry, kill!

  7. You left “respectively” out of the caption. (Um, right?)

  8. cc

    My poor penis.

  9. Visible Ink

    Secretly the dog is trying to commit suicide.

    • Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

      The dog seems dead on the inside already. Think it just hopes to be dropped and run over…

  10. This is a great poster for why you should have animals spayed and neutered.

  11. Diablo Dude

    I wonder if they are going to sing “Joy To The World” as a encore.

  12. Coming this fall on CBS: “Busted Face, Flat Titts, and The Bitch”…you’ll be surprised which is which!

  13. DeucePickle

    If your town has some sort of boner epidemic, call these two and they’ll stand on a balcony and take care of that problem real quick.

  14. Dammit, it’s Halloween already?!?

  15. Kojak

    Gaga has boobs of a 60 years old lady…

  16. Matty

    One of these three is a bitch. The other two are men.

  17. Phoenix


  18. it had to be said

    Well, Fido, this is going to be awkward, but them’s the rules of Would You Rather . . .

  19. Amazed

    it’s hard to determine which is more hideous

  20. savedatwins

    doesn’t she have implants? why are her boobs so flippity floppity? IS that the dark side of drugs? Boob floppage?

  21. pavement_smear

    For he next foray onto the big screen, Lady Gaga plans a remake of “Freaky Friday,” but with a new twist: nobody notices the switch.

  22. Aquiles Baeza

    Who’s who?

  23. “Marty, quick! We’ve got to get you back to the future!”
    “Why, what happens doc?”
    “It’s your kids Marty! Well, more specifically your son. He becomes a she-male and to show how much you love him, you become one as well!!”

  24. theoriginal LJ

    Heard from the tour guide below: “….and here ladies and gentlemen we have two generations of vampiress and their stuffed dog. Note the death like pallor on the faces; that “I’ve just risen from my coffin” look.

  25. sandycakes

    well the pooch is pretty cute. The wig/hair abomination is hideous.

  26. Bigalkie

    Whoa.. They’re holding an UGLY OFF in Milan! Bookies are having a hard time deciding on the favourite.

  27. Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

    How apt is it that even through all that fur the dog’s nonplussed look can be perceived

  28. Sidgoop

    Fug, pug, and ugh.

  29. If you’re thinking about marrying an Italian woman….they look okay until they are about 25 and then THIS!

  30. I’m glad they deleted this scene from Looper

    • Damn, I almost made it all the way down without anyone referencing that. Anyway, here’s mine:

      “Worst. Looper sequel. EVER.”

  31. Well done Madame Tussaud

  32. Jman

    Well Gaga you almost won the bout with Donatella there but the poodle mix wins with a KO.

  33. They aren’t wasting any time getting started on the sequel to Looper.

  34. My brief survey of the comments tells me that this is a picture with two humans and a dog. The picture is telling me something else entirely.

  35. Pancake Face and Pancake Boob

  36. LLBL

    The dog is the sexiest bitch in that picture.

  37. What’s up with the pancake tits, Gaga? Donatella looks like the walking dead.

  38. Donatella Versace… Yup, that’s exactly who a young woman struggling with bulimia and anorexia should talk to.

  39. Swearin

    At the most-exclusive Halloween party in Milan, the Cruella DeVille costume was very popular

  40. Born To Go Away

    Gaga is always stealing from someone: Madonna, Queen, Bowie, and now Three Dog Night.

  41. Your picture should be labeled Lady Gaga and Janice from Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.

  42. zomgbie

    donatella announces she will make gaga’s next fur+meat outfit.

  43. anonym

    donatella looks scary as fuck !

  44. Josie

    lmao they look like mom & daughter

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