1. neo

    Come on..just the tip.

  2. Looks like the calm before all out bitch.

  3. Contusion

    She’s thinking of lyrics for the song about the guy holding the bike once he takes the bike away from her when the video is done shooting.

  4. i hate to say it but she doesn’t look too bad here

  5. EricLr

    Don’t worry, dear. They’re only making fun of your bike because they’re jealous.

  6. The Pope

    He’s taking her to a party at his place. It has a red door.

  7. Gabe Kaplan

    Let me guess…The song is about unrequited love or bicycles.

  8. Bigalkie

    One more ounce of make-up on that very average looking head and she will need a neck brace.

  9. Mama Pinkus


  10. Don’t get near the water.

  11. She’s resorted to writing songs about the bike accident that took her virginity. Send her 100 cc’s of Jon Hamm, STAT.

  12. Arzach

    Taylor Swift has an ass? Go figure!

  13. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

    Never ever getting back together… with anyone…

  14. That’s a good pair of jeans. It actually makes her looks like she has an ass.

  15. Alexggb

    She is having doubts about riding that bike, her huge camel toe might suck that thing right up.

  16. journalschism

    Weight becomes her.

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