1. cc

    She’s attractive and well-dressed…where the hell is the fun in this?

    • Arzach

      Yeah, this section is supposed to be of unflattering photos , and ugly poses. This is the exact opposite.

  2. YAAR

    Cornish? I’m feeling kinda hornish.

    Wow, that was bad. Sorry folks.

  3. phffft...

    That’s a gorgeous woman!

  4. 805fatty

    How Sharon Stone still thinks she looks…

  5. Peter

    She’d get it.

  6. Visible Ink

    I’m sure she’s pretty. I can’t tell. My face is buried too deep in my monitor pretending to play motorboat with her tits.

  7. She homewrecked Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe. He just wanted to motorboat somebody without constantly running into their chin.

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