1. Wait—isn’t this just Nicki Minaj in normal hair and clothes?

  2. DeucePickle

    I’m a huge fan of whoever this is and whatever she does

  3. Gabe Kaplan

    Aww…She thinks people are there to see her sing.

  4. it had to be said

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that she is not a natural blonde.

  5. It’s going to get real awkward when that mic picks up the sounds of my furious motor-boating.

  6. 805fatty

    Akeelah, your word is “overcompensating.”

  7. Another successful graduate of the Nickelodeon child factory.

  8. Never noticed she had tits before. Welcome to the spank bank.

  9. I would name each boob ‘Ke’ and adopt her name as my title.

  10. Beyonce 2.0, now with enhanced weight distribution.

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