1. Diablo Dude

    They have valet parking at funerals?

  2. Contusion

    I didn’t realize that, when the grim reaper knocked on the door, it carried a purse.

  3. cc

    Her husband died?

  4. tom

    Hello fatty!

  5. Mama Pinkus

    she is gross

  6. Usually her tits enter a room first, but her hand is going to check it out this time to see if its safe.

  7. bewbs

    Her ass decided to give up in the race against the titties #hendrickstitties2012

  8. I’d go down under on her in a second.

  9. I find the pocketbook placement suspicious.

  10. Usually not a fan (I’m more into Dennings appreciation), but when you’re stretching a loose-fitting garment to its limits, you’ve got my attention.

  11. Craptard

    She really knows how to put the ‘Mooo’ in that mu-mu!

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