1. Udderly cowish! Moooooo!

  2. “Khloe, move over. There’s not enough room for Kourtney’s face, my face, and my tits.”

  3. Visible Ink

    It’s like attack of the giant moo cows!

  4. Cock Dr


  5. EricLr

    God I can actually smell the herpes on my computer screen.

  6. “Is that a camera?? Oh, don’t take a picture of me…(move over, bitch)…oh no, please don’t, Mr. Paparazzi!”

  7. Dr Perverto

    3 turds=clogged toilet

  8. How can it be that two of the most fucked up women in “the biz” have the greatest tits? Kim and Lindsay.

    I can just see it now on FOX…“Ladies and Gentlemen…brought to you by Chesterfield cigarettes…It’s the Kim and Lindsay Mammary Challenge…”

  9. squishy

    Like looking at a picture of the inside of someone’s dumpster.

  10. west

    Will eat poop on camera for fame

  11. Shoebacca

    Who’s the chippie on the right? It’s not Kourtney. Is it ANOTHER Kowdashian?

  12. Let’s be honest…This is crap that nobody would have missed!

  13. ThisWillHurt

    “Smile Khloe! . . . Khloe, smile! . . . Come on, Khloe, smile! . . . You’d better smile or I’m telling mom, and she’ll put you back in solitary confinement . . . OK, be that way! Cheeeeeeeeeeese!”

  14. Max iPad

    “Eat Mor Chikin”

  15. Bigalkie

    Three cup

  16. Mama Pinkus

    she’s got that weird botox look going, especially around her upper lip – gawd, how it must suck for Kim – aging while only known for her “assets” – no amount of money in the WORLD will take that fear away from er – she will become more and more desperate in her atention whoring efforts. Sad.

  17. Please tell me that is footage from the targeting camera on a CIA drone.

  18. spartacus


  19. dirtdog


  20. Never was. Has-been. Maybe.

  21. I love that this bitch is going away. I admit I used to watch the show and just ignore Kim (everyone else was pretty entertaining but I always hated her), but after the divorce I just hated her too much to watch any of it anymore. She’s disgusting, narcissistic, and legitimately doesn’t realize how selfish she is. And she’s 32. Soooo gross. I hope she doesn’t really have a child, because she will never learn to care for anyone besides herself.

  22. Ughhh…How many more pics are these bitches going to post of themselves. So sick of them.

  23. anonym

    WOWW !!!!!

    KRIS JENNER LOOKS AMAZING in this photo.

  24. Who ordered the whore sandwich, heavy on the whore?

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