1. I’d let her jew me into buying some dress shirts.

  2. this is why your wife knows you’re cheating on her. Your shirt smells like victory.

  3. Drew

    She either got a boob job, or they went a little overboard accentuating that curve.

    Either way, hi Bar.

    • BE

      She’s pushing it out with her forearm. Works and easier than the many retouches going on there. Looks like they airbrushed everything BUT the shirt…

  4. The Brown Streak

    Lindsey Lohan’s new Lands End ad shows her falling off a cliff…hey, I’m a marketing genius!

  5. CranAppleSnapple

    “Bar”, as a name, annoys the hell out of me. I’d rather be named Mug Costanza.

  6. HEY, BAR…that’s a man’s shirt. Take it off right this instant!

  7. Sin

    Again she show just how stupid Leo is.

  8. Duke

    Arrow shirts are stiff. Just like my penis right now.

  9. Deryn

    If you swing thataway, Josh Duhamel is in those same ads looking droolworthy. The good kind.

  10. OnTheRealThough

    God, i love this broad.

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