1. adolf hitler

    i wish i could be her thong. jesus.

  2. Aye, mios dios, el grande culo!

  3. weird angles and round asses.

  4. Fester

    Is there a reward for the safe return of Kim Kardashian’s ass?

  5. I would be all over that…

  6. Deacon Jones


    I just googled her, and now I have a mess in my pants.

  7. cc

    She’s giving Kim K a run for her money.

  8. The Brown Streak

    Ass model for Ren and Stimpy

  9. Willie Dixon

    Oddly similar to the Peterson sasquatch footage. It’s really just Andy Serkis in a motion capture suit.

  10. Icehawg

    Fake. Photoshopped. The shadows are all wrong and the cropped out all of its fur.

    • Mmmmm…NOPE! Google her and check out her ass in all her other shots. No way someone went in and P’shopped all of those pix. And she’s undoubtedly had a Brazilian Wax job, hence, no fur.

  11. BigDaddy

    That’s a nice ass! Kim K is nothing but fat and cellulite.

  12. More like Runyon Avenue.

  13. Mere minutes after this photo was taken of Brazilian model Suelyn Medeiros, a major ass explosion devastated the Runyon Canyon area of the Hollywood Hills.

  14. Duke

    Where was that finger you’re smelling, miss?

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