1. TomFrank

    I hope this guy took one of those Silkwood showers afterwards.

  2. Initiating self destruct sequence in 15…

  3. Not the first, or fiftieth, time she’s let a black dude insert stuff behind her back.

  4. The Brown Streak

    Even the black guy said that ass is too big…

  5. it had to be said

    Worst. Job. Ever.

  6. Lucy928

    Not even sarcasm- She looks so much better nowadays. I think she is in great shape! She doesn’t look so lumpy anymore. Still orange, but not lumpy.

  7. Deacon Jones

    “Ok sweetie, this is your Brita filter for your cooch, just gonna clip up back here, mmmm-kay??”

  8. cc

    Air Wick.

  9. Any Guy

    that poor fella better bathe in some purrell after touching that thing.

  10. Willie Dixon

    The thumbnail for this pict was way hotter.

  11. pdan

    And just in case the previous picture of Sinead didn’t kill your boner completely…Snooki!

  12. GeorgeWBush

    Hope the Union gives this guy some serious hazard pay for this….

  13. Studley Hungwell

    This pic could land some people in trouble–OSHA requires full hazmat suit for that job

  14. The black guy told Snooki her he’d love to look at her ass and she said, “Go ahead. Help yourself.”

  15. He’d better hope you can’t get herpes by osmosis.

  16. Lord Invader

    It’s one thing to walk around in clothing covered in cum stains, but those jorts are seriously out of line.

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