1. TomFrank

    “Hold on. The movie’s called ‘Trance,’ so I have to get my trance face on… Okay, got it! Let’s go.”

  2. she got the part by practicing very, very hard.

  3. That’s more “waking coma” than “trance”, but eventually you’ve just got a movie to make.

  4. The Brown Streak

    How to put someone in a trance: Hand them the script for Pluto Nash 2.

  5. cc

    The movie is actually ‘Stupor’ apparently.

  6. sooooooosuperficial

    One would think one copy of “Acting for Dummies” would have been enough.

  7. Colin

    Mesa Rosario Dawson. Mesa make-a da big bombad movie.

  8. eww

    I think she’s beautiful, and without noticeable make-up too.

  9. squishy

    Movie name seems appropriate!

  10. The casting director just advised her that she got the part of the ditsy blonde bombshell.

  11. Blech

    Reading: It’s fundamental.

  12. Colostomy Bag

    I can imagine more than a few Homos wuold lover her as their beard.

  13. #1 sign the movie will fail:
    They are handing out copies of “Acting for Dummies” on the set.

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