1. I am midget, hear me squeak…

  2. Deacon Jones

    She looks like she’s turning into quite the little wild thing…

  3. Cock Dr

    The painted on jeans and sex maniac hair suits her well.

  4. seriouslynow

    She actually looks pretty good here.

    Probably because you can’t see how small she is.

  5. She’s standing up to show how she gives blow jobs.

  6. Dick Hell

    Would be less confusing if she was standing next to a cereal box or something to illustrate the actual scale of this photo.

  7. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Look, I can make them jiggle!

  8. She would make your dick look HUGE!

  9. Joe

    She’s dressed like a cheap call-girl.

    Oh, yeah, right.

  10. Jman

    I thought the accidental tuck in of button up shirts only happens to guys after bathroom visits.

  11. So that’s what it feels like to trade your Hollywood acting career for a bag of magic beans.

  12. EricLr

    This time I know how to sound out the letters on the cue cards!

  13. Dinklage with tits.

  14. Sexy little minx.

  15. Josie

    shes pretty

  16. Hottest microorganism ever.

  17. Bonky

    Kim Kardashian saw this photo and said “Why is she on TV ? Her talent is so small.”

  18. Invisible Klitchko penis.

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