1. I always imagine that he is completely bald and all of his headwear has the blond “hair” attached to it. How awesome would that be?

  2. Your move John Hamm, your move.

  3. Dick Hell

    Don’t we burn flags once they’re soiled? No need to remove them first.

  4. Does he buff his crotch?

  5. Is that his name on his hat? Oh, that’s right, they make you put your name on all your clothes when you go to douche camp.

  6. that anuerysm had to of been caused by him trying so fucking hard to be cool. this outfit might be lethal for him. (is it wrong to hope?)

  7. Jman

    He’s survived diabetes, heart problems, and banging Miley’s mom.

  8. neo

    What happen to aging gracefully? American flag as pants – genius!

  9. tlmck

    Can’t be that big of deal if he is carrying his own luggage.

  10. This outfit seeks to remind Bret Michaels’s fans that the fact that he has a career is nothing short of magic.

  11. EricLr

    It would be more dignified to just burn the flag.

  12. The black guy in the background’s face says it all.

  13. Ismoss

    His top half says village sheik, his bottom half says hippie scumbag.

  14. biff

    The bum that lives down the street from me has nicer shoes.

  15. Fergie needs to lose that beard.

  16. “Every cowboy carries his own bag…”

  17. Josie Grossie

    To my right, ladies and gents, Brett Michaels, a real life representation of the term “polishing a turd”. And to my left, vomit bags, for those who looked at Mr. Michaels. Sorry about that.

  18. What a fucking tool!

    Hey, Dingleberry, you’re bald. Everyone knows you’re bald. Trying to hide it just confirms what an arrogant, self-centered shithead you are. What, you planning on wearing a hat (or scarf) every day for the rest of your life? Give it up…!!!

  19. Hank E. Ring

    I don’t care how comfortable the boots may be, they need to be thrown out.

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