1. Stacy

    Shouldn’t that Cross on her necklace be burning her by now?

  2. Castle Grayskull will be mine!

  3. Did they just open the Ark of the Covenant in front of her?

  4. Actually she & Quentin look oddly alike. Not in a good way.

  5. “Ha, ha, HA! Your mother sucks cocks in hell!”

  6. The Pope

    Well who wouldn’t rather look at the back of the head of a fat ugly maid instead?

  7. JungleRed

    The dog tag is not helping.

  8. Winston

    Every time I see this photo this always comes to mine. “Am I evil, Yes I am….”

  9. crb

    “You think the Green Goblin actually died, eh? How can you be so sure? -I mean, you didn’t see it happen with your own eyes. You didn’t ID the body, right…”

  10. Sadly, this is the best she’s looked in a long time.

  11. cc

    Not for two more weeks honey.

  12. “I’ll get you my pretty!

    And your little maid, too!”

  13. Jentilly

    You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch!

  14. Swearin

    Awesome, if Warner Bros. can try something a little different, we may have found the next Joker

  15. tlmck

    When does her head start spinning around?

  16. gumbypokey

    “What da fuck are yoh?”

  17. PebbleCatcher

    Yep, looks like your usual evil Kennedy.

  18. Apparently Maria is planning way ahead for the Rich Folks Only Halloween Party.

  19. Little Tongue

    Chucky Kennedy!!!

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