1. George P Burdell

    WOW! That’s you maid? You lucky bastard.

  2. I would love to party with these two

  3. Arnold, Sinbad wants to know if you are ready to do ‘Jingle All the Way 2′?

  4. Those are some nice leather jackets. That is all.

  5. catapostrophe

    Arnold sees a man of average height attempting to enter the restaurant against previously negotiated protocol.

    “No five eights! Out wit’ you!”

  6. “Holy shit! I finally figured out the Riddle of Steel!”

  7. Art Crow

    5 more kids?

  8. Stallone’s new bodyguard found little success keeping the Paparazzi away with his “talk to the hand!” maneuver.

  9. Dick Clooney

    Holy shit, my nails look fantastic! You were so right, Seelvestah.

  10. How did Terry Jones get mixed up with these two?

  11. cc

    I still think it was a bad idea to inject HGH right into his face.

  12. celebutard

    “Stop, or his mom will shoot!”

  13. “Stahp! Dees ees naht Hammah Time!”

  14. “Dees ahn’t de droids you’ah looking fohh!”

  15. “Sieg Heil !! …oops wrong country !”

  16. Brit

    Stay back please. i have my five chosen already.

  17. “Arnold…Arnold? ARNOLD!!! Hey, Dumb-bell…don’t get so excited. Almost EVERYBODY Is born with five fingers on each hand.”

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