1. I have sex with disadvantaged white women! Who’s the slave?!?

  2. “Seriously man…you play a sheriff on Hell on Wheels during the 1800s…?”

    “i know, right.”

  3. Russell only showed up because he misunderstood and thought there would be sex slaves.

  4. “Nobody knows I’m bald because I’m wearing a ball cap!”
    “Yeah…You are fooling everybody.”

  5. “Man, halfway through the movie I got a text message from Madonna, asking if I wanted to get “mandingo” with her”

    “Brother, I got the same damn text”

  6. KhockbreathKardashian

    I’d be surprised if half the black men in Hollywood haven’t gotten a booty call from Kris Jenner.

  7. howie feltersnatch

    who and who?

  8. “Look here, you quadroon bastard, I’m twice as black as you are…”

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