1. SBM, tall, handsome, successful, Height Weight Proportionate seeking SWF for Heavy bondage and Scat play. No weirdos.

  2. Black is not always slimming.

  3. If I looked like him, i would pay an assistant to push a television around on a cart that only showed my right eye.

  4. I love this guy. He’s awesome.

  5. Who’s a rapey midget? Yes you are, yes you are.

  6. Cock Dr

    It’s either the Johnny Cash look or flowing robes for this guy.

  7. beaver eater

    he looks like a smashed version of MC Hammer

  8. “My RunDMC cover band will be here any minute now.”

  9. needs more beard and more gold to pull off a convincing Mr. T.

  10. crb

    Please Hammer, Don’t Eat ‘Em.

  11. He just needs a giant ‘m’ on his shirt to be the brown peanut version.

  12. yet somehow statistically, given whatever financial wealth he has, somebody has sex with that…

  13. I *hated* those bullet things from Super Mario Bros

  14. cc

    They are remaking ‘Leprechaun in the Hood’?

  15. KhockbreathKardashian

    He’s black! He’s a vampire! He’s too fat to wear form fitting clothes! It’s Trackula!

  16. journalschism

    Run-DMC Smurf

  17. It’s actually Tim Conway filming ‘Dorf on Rap’.

  18. Codot

    Malcolm XL

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