1. I think she sprained her face.

  2. i am being completely honest with you: I thought this was someone wearing a joan rivers mask. Literally.

  3. No obituary? Still alive then.

  4. Someone call Batman. The goddamn Joker’s on the loose.

  5. meeps!

    Who says Kabuki Theater is dead…?

  6. Fresco


  7. Hugh G. Rection

    The Crypt Keeper seems to be in a jolly good mood today.

  8. catapostrophe

    I’ll take Wayland Flowers and Madame for the block.

  9. There’s never a Blade Runner around when you need one.

  10. renotastic

    That moment you realize you left your Silly Putty out in the sun.

  11. Inner Retard

    Even her plastic surgery got plastic surgery now.

  12. Little Tongue

    Archaeologists of the 26th century will have a great ol’ time figuring this one out when they find her corpse…

  13. In the next moment she screeched and flew away. That’s the only possible scenario here.

  14. “Time for a 50,000 mile tune up…and my car is running odd too.”

  15. Art Crow

    Scientists have discovered a new type of botox they believe is the “deadliest substance known to man”, and raise your hand if you want some!

  16. Heisenberg

    She’s trying to remain Anonymous.

  17. dontkillthemessenger

    Did “V For Vendetta” really need a part two?

  18. Despite some creative casting choices, sadly, the modern remake of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” would not prove to be any less offensive that the original.

  19. Wow, she’s looked pretty fucked up for a long time, but when did she take over for that cat woman? This is just scary.

  20. “Smilex for everyone!”

  21. crb

    “Please Lord Voldemort, let me be the one to kill the boy.”

  22. “Thas right officer… and then the Chinese Alien grabbed my newspaper, pointed to the sky and flew up into it’s gal-dang spaceship!”

  23. cc

    It’s OKAY to answer your door in a costume at Hallowe’en but don’t go overboard and scare the little ones.

  24. Can someone please explain why looking like a bloated corpse would be preferable to looking like a normal, elderly (but still living) human? Betty White is about 10 years older and, unlike Joan here, won’t be turning up in my darkest nightmares.

  25. Modeling the new Wildenstein makeup line, I see.

  26. KhockbreathKardashian

    Holy Shit! It’s the pig-faced nurse from that old Twilight Zone!

  27. Lou Braccant

    Anyone else think she was lifting her leg while holding her ankle? Scarred the crap out of me!!!

  28. fap

    The newspapers predicted no rain today, however this was not good as she knew her main rival was to be marrying in the park later on. There can be no sun today. With just a wave of her taloned claw the skies suddenly greyed, and the waters would soon fall.

  29. “Time to pick on the way other people look !”

  30. She calls for a Hearse pretty much the same way that we call for a taxi!

  31. We are anonymous

  32. Hmmm

    Is that a friendly, happy wave, or is she pissed and waving to the cops. Hard to say, judging by her expression..

  33. BB

    “New and improved Joker products!”

  34. it’s actually a very old photo. She’s celebrating the headline on the newspaper which reads, “WE WIN! World War II Over!”

  35. Arzach


  36. Obstreperous

    I see Michel Jackson’s surgeon is still in business

  37. “Valet…bring me my broom, please. It’s the wood-grained convertible with wire bristles.”

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