1. “This? It’s, it’s a snuff film.”

  2. Quentin gazed at the piece of celluloid, realizing that it said more with a single still frame than he himself could with 45 minutes of dialog that were unrelated to the movie plot…it was that moment that he realized his adoring fans were morons. And Quentin smiled.

  3. What are the odds that is film of feet? I bet $100 that it is.

  4. Jon Pork

    “Size 6? Ya, this looks about a size 6 to me. Size 6 feet really get me going. Where did you get this? No, wait, better you don’t tell me. I’m going to imagine they are Daryls feet. You know despite her height, she actually has some small feet. Has to wear special shoes to keep her balance when doing all her high kicks. You know I directed her in Kill Bill. I had her doing a lot of high kicks.. kick those size 6 feet high baby.. Oh ya..”

  5. “The new Mexican 100 Peso bill is much harder to counterfeit, but is also confused with holographic baseball cards.”

  6. crb

    “Ah, my very first peeping-tom photo, taken with a baby brownie deluxe, back in the day. Gets me every time? The girl? Oh who knows. Last thing I heard she was buried under someone’s deck. -I mean, not that I’d know anything about that, right?…”

  7. cc

    No, see, if you look closely at a still you can tell it’s not his real cock.

  8. “So Sam Jackson stabs at that sushi with his chopsticks and says ‘Mutchafucka I got the last GOT-Damned spicy tuna roll!!’ Any how do I respond? Little did he know…I’ve still got the last packet of soy sauce”

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