1. Fresco


  2. Which one of you bitches wants to make $3,000?

  3. The woman in the black dress is keeping the gerbil in her bra.

  4. (out of side of mouth to publicist)
    “..umm, can somebody get Kenny G’s dead fucking sister out of the camera shot..”

  5. “Pilgrim’ Richard Gere: Photography For A Humanitarian Cause” IS there any doubt why Carey Lowell left him

  6. Pretty sure the half-dressed nun is blown up on methamphetamine.

  7. I guess the entertainment for the evening was Kristen Wiig doing her Kenny G impersonation.

  8. “Wait a minute… what do you mean, “That’s Richard Gere”? Damn, it!! I thought George Lucas had lost weight! I can’t believe I blew the wrong guy! Now, I’ll never be in the next Star Wars film!”

  9. AWOL

    To mark the occasion, they dug up an actual Pilgrim and placed her next to the dais.

  10. cc

    The tall fellow in the back is apparently a big fan of the Russell Brand boutique.

  11. cc

    Someone needs to lend the woman in blue some support.

  12. Adam

    I’m glad to see Wednesday Addams is rocking the brunette look now.

  13. KhockbreathKardashian

    Why even have it in Mexico City if you’re not gonna invite any Mexicans?

  14. Wow, look at Carrie on the left turning the pages with her mind…

  15. Bob Loblaw

    Somebody actually fell for the old “Pull my finger” gag. The results were truly stunning.

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