1. Dammit, Homer. If you don’t get my stuff out of the Museum of Hollywood Jerks by Friday, I’m suing.

  2. meeps!

    Lighten up, Francis…

  3. Cock Dr

    Get the bear spray ready I think he’s coming this way.

  4. Hugh G. Rection

    If Alec Baldwin was any more of an asshole, he’d have to change his name to Bieber.

  5. It’s never too early to leave angry voice messages for Carmen.

  6. “Hello Alec? It’s Stephen. I need more money.”

  7. It’s after six. What are you, a janitor?

  8. alex

    Isn’t this the same exact clothing he wore yesterday (or the day before) in The Superficial’s roundup?

  9. I can’t imagine how brick-shittingly terrifying it must be to be Alec Baldwin’s cell phone, knowing you could die at any moment.

  10. cc

    Uh-oh, he picked up Ireland’s phone my mistake and Slater started off with his customary ‘I’m going to rim your sweet ass.’

  11. Jenn

    Oh shit, Joan’s waving at me. I’m gonna act like I’m on my phone, her face just scares the hell outta me.

  12. He looks like a rogue elephant who has just spotted one of its old circus trainers

  13. Phoenix

    “Hang on. I have to kill a photographer.”

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