1. i’ve been scared this day would come. A paris pic that turned me on. The only way to resolve these conflicting emotions is kill her.

  2. Its funny how in a picture: just that tiny little peek of skin the size of a grain of rice will catch your eye – Thanks Terry!

    • It’s also funny in a Paris Hilton picture: just that tiny little peek of eye the size of a grain of rice will catch your eye – Thanks Terry!

  3. I see her body is still weird and inexplicably non sexual. We’ll check in again in another 18 months, thanks.

  4. Cock Dr

    As Paris ages she’s learned how useful it can be to lasso in your labia.

  5. Stacy

    Yes, yes I would even knowing her background. I would actually keep her. Yes,I am that lonely and desperate.

    • pplrppl

      I’d take her instead of Miley Cyrus because 1. Paris is better looking and 2. Miley scares me more on who knows what she has by now.

      And if Paris doesn’t have any diseases I’d take her over Katy Perry as well.

  6. She actually looks pretty good. I totally would. I’ll take her over the Kuntrashians anyday.

    • She looks less plastic. Not much less, but still less.

      • she is much less plastic. The lack of fake knockers was a brilliant move and she has only had a nose job and very well done fillers and botox, mild. KK’s face scares me sometimes and her body is my worse nightmare (Im throwing those cheese puffs out).

  7. Now this is the appropriate level of woman that Terry Richardson should taking photos of. She looks good for a hooker, I’d take her for an hour or two.

  8. Inner Retard

    Battle of the titans. In one corner the creepiest pedophile in the business today. In the other every sexual disease known to man. This should be epic.

  9. It must be hard to keep your head turned like that all the time so you look your best.

  10. alex

    I must have reached maturity because as much fun as she looks, I know what a horrible, awful person resides in that head.

  11. Hey Fella, Are You George Zimmerman?

    I wonder if you squeezed her, the yeast would ooze out like ttothpaste from a tube.

    • Joe Francis's little camel box

      George, I’m sure if you squeeded her you’d get PLENTY of yeast discharge. On the plus side is that it would have a high concentration of blow and X; so you can snoort it.

  12. Those straps would make it easy to attach the weights to ensure she didn’t float back up.

  13. crb

    Needs more coverage, otherwise that herp is gonna get aerosolized.

  14. B!

    I’d buy that for a dollar… no, I’ve never seen Robocop… just making a statement of fact here.

  15. cc

    She’s at least twice the age of his usual subjects isn’t she? And about three times the age of his ‘desired’ targets, if you get my drift.

  16. The hot, hot look of an unravelled VHS tape.

  17. Adam

    I do believe this belongs in “The Crap We Don’t Miss”

  18. Dick Cum

    Pigeon Face

  19. martina

    You guys! Please.
    Every one you would do her up the ass in a heart beat.

    • nick

      Umm…no we wouldn’t.
      Most sane people don’t want herpes sores on their junk.
      Besides, most of us have already seen the porno she did with Ric Soloman. And with the exception of giving head, she’s about the laziest fuck you can get.
      Think I’m joking? Download the torrent and watch it for yourself. Passed out drunk girls are more energtic than Paris.

  20. per hansa

    you guys are nuts. I’d fuck her ANYTIME

  21. diegoga

    I’ll fuch her until the end of times.

  22. All the fat bald posters here would do her in a heartbeat. You are all a bunch of lying assholes if you wouldn’t.

  23. Wow

    So she’s still relevant?, because of her music, right? No?

  24. tlmck

    That outfit would look good on a hot girl.

  25. Capn Obvious

    Keep turning your head in every single picture Paris. We all have no idea that you have a wonkey eye from botched plastic surgery,

    Now perhaps you could turn your body sideways so your man hands, man feet, and herpes are a bit less obvious.

    Allegedly of course….whore.

  26. BorrisMorris

    Leeloo multi-infection!

  27. Does she EVER change facial expressions?

  28. midnite ranger

    Wonky McValtrex

  29. champers

    She looks vaguely familiar. Was she famous once?

  30. Coco T-Rex

    I’d totally nail her and hate myself for it immediately after … no, during the act.

  31. rufus

    hey everyone…LOOK…hepes is back…alright

  32. I’ve always thought Paris was physically attractive, and it pisses me off because she is really a boneheaded, self-centered cunt.

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