1. Dave Foley’s slightly more-grizzled brother.

  2. Why is my masturbation puppet on Spanish television?

  3. cc

    The post-nuclear holocaust puppet gets me every time.

  4. That is one creeepy-ass looking muppet! And the one with the antenna is weird looking too.

  5. What is up with these wacky euro shows with puppets and polka bands and shit. Don’t they know how to make good TV…like get a camera and follow some random swamp dwelling duck hunter’s wives of american pawn shop real estate flippers as they all sit in a room on an island in Orange County and cook food made from weird ingredients.

  6. George Nitales

    Madame Tussauds did a good job!

  7. Willem Dafoe w/ the European Winner of the Willem Dafoe look-a-like contest.

  8. blerg

    Why the fuck is my mother in law on television?

  9. “Señor Defoe, lo que fue la experiencia de actuar en todas las grandes películas?”

    “Triple scotch and a speedball, poor fah vore.”

  10. what kind of show is this? Some kind of gross weird puppet and what is that other thing supposed to be, an ant?

  11. EricLR

    First time anyone has ever creeped-out the Freako the muppet.

  12. That muppet is about to be William Defoe’s new girlfriend weather he likes it or not.

  13. Dennis Leary’s lesser-known lesbian sister.

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