1. dontkillthemessenger

    Well, it finally makes some sense. Who could walk the Great Wall of China in those pants?

  2. are those the sort of pants the cool kids wear these days?

  3. Kid looks like he’s in good shape, but he needs to keep up on his aerobics; maybe run some steps or something…

  4. Those pants make him look like a capacitor.

  5. cc

    The pants, being carried up the stairs…it all makes sense now. He has elephantiasis of the nuts.

  6. Is it Hammer Time already? I forget to set my alarm for douche o’clock.

  7. TooCoo

    Sure, anybody could batwing that well if their balls hadn’t already descended.

  8. It’s like one half of a wing suit… For girls…

  9. Alison

    Are these the leather jogging pants that Kanye was talking about?

  10. Don’t hurt ‘em Hammer. Bieber. Whatever.

  11. I thought the man with the 100 pound scrotum was cured.

  12. “Look at me! I’m a Minotaur!”

  13. I bet Bieber can shit his pants all day and never fill those things up!

  14. This is what it looks like when i put my legs through my tshirt and wear them as pants.

  15. I’d say testicular cancer, but, well, you know.

  16. You can only get kicked in the nuts for being a douche so many times before you start to employ protection.

  17. Nate

    Kid, there comes a time when you MUST change your diaper.

  18. Odbarc

    White man prison shower face.

  19. Cock Dr

    OMG how exceedingly stupid looking that is.

  20. EricLR

    Not legit. Please quit.

  21. I hope the guy behind him kicks him in his imaginary balls!

  22. With pants like that he could poop for a week straight without having to change his diaper.

  23. MoreMariaNow!!

    When will a rival “singer” put a bullet in his head?!?!?!?!?!

  24. Joe Blow

    Cool… Bieb’s doing a mash up of “Can’t Touch This” and “Me So Horny”

  25. Please Hammer, hurt him.

  26. this kid is going to make vanilla ice look like a god when this is over.

  27. Oh No, It's G. Zimm-man!

    Did Kanye design those? they are leather with a drawsting. Plus, Kanye’s idea of jogging is holding as much of his boyfriends’ man chowder in his bung hole as physically possible until it gushes out like ole’ faithful. Yes, Kanye could have definitely designed those pretty pants.

  28. That Jr. steroid dose he’s been taking added to his natural shitheadedness has created a true MONSTER. KILL IT WTH FIRE!

  29. Looks like Bieber stole a midgets pants again.

  30. Vlad

    He favors his left hand when giving Usherjobs

  31. Dorf Lundgren ?

  32. Bat Guano

    So THAT’S what Leather Jogging Pants look like! Thanks, Kanye!

  33. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but somehow this reminds me of the scene in Ace Ventura when Jim Carrey births himself out of a rubber rhinoceros.

  34. Guest

    His diaper needs changing again.

  35. In Bieber’s defense, this is the only way he can wear this shirt because the manufacturer forgot to include a hole for his head.

  36. bewbs

    Right now I’m just expecting Jim Carrey to come crawling out of his asshole, naked.

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