1. $5 says this pic was snapped under a bridge.

  2. cc

    Worst. Prosthetic Arm. Ever.

  3. 5 foot 2, 68 years old, 50 pounds overweight, this is what he looks like, and he’s pulling in more hot broads than any 10 of us combined. Chalk it up to the monster dong, I guess.

  4. They say money isn’t everything, but then I see Danny DeVito and I think, “Money may not be everything, but it sure as hell helps even things out”.

  5. Looks like he’s off the limoncellos and onto really cheap gin.

  6. EricLR

    Daddy, I don’t want to play with Barney the Dinosaur anymore.

  7. Bubba

    You have to pay the troll toll if you wanna get this boy’s hole…

  8. He may be “at” Jimmy Kimmel Live, but he sure as hell doesn’t appear to be invited.

  9. And here is Shawn Johnson’s little brother, Danny.

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