1. cc

    Ah yes, the bellhop fantasy…a classic of the genre.

  2. right

    30 minute skype. You, me & this banana.

  3. Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring….banana phone.

  4. She looks like the Choo Choo Soul Alphabet chick. Note: this is a very obscure reference that mostly just pleases me.

  5. No wonder I haven’t gotten a call back from Miranda, dumb bitch has been using a fucking banana instead of a phone!

  6. Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?!

  7. The things I can do to you with that banana, girl.

  8. I’ve got something else that’s a great source of protein. Don’t try to peel it, though.

  9. The Pope

    If I squint long enough, that wrist bone becomes a nipple. And honestly, I don’t need to squint that long.

  10. BorrisMorris

    Hello? Yes, this is model.

  11. Hot naked chick uses banana as phone…entire internet disappointed.

  12. Adam

    She doesn’t know how to put on a hat, or how to decipher the complex differences between telephones and bananas, or how to eat a banana for that matter…but she’s incredibly hot, so here’s some money.

  13. Odbarc

    ring ring ring ring ring
    banana phone

  14. Seriously love this woman more and more everyday.

  15. Oh yes, you know what to do with that.

  16. “Hello, tech support, My Apple phone doesn’t work.”

  17. Suzanne Somers

    That’s what I call a ‘lucky dog’!

  18. maruli

    She’s so apPEELing

  19. “H’lo…H’lo…yoo hoo…anyone there?…Well, damn. They must have hung up.”

  20. Hello. Dipshit here.

  21. This is what Orlando Bloom calls “Tuesday”.

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