1. Paully Boston Baby!

    Ok, gotcha. Her husband is making her a whore. Good work dude, good work!

  2. catapostrophe

    Treat her like a lady–do the best you can do.
    You gotta treat her like a lady, and she’ll give in to you.

  3. Is this a Gorga “date night” re-enactment?

  4. I see his point, I would have posted that pic too.

  5. cc

    God I hate him for this. HATE HIM. HATE HIM. HATE HIM.

  6. Who is taking this photo?

  7. Gawble, gawble.

  8. Oh my god. I just want to bury my face in her crotch. She’s so fucking sexy.

  9. Pilin

    Ok, it’s clean, no HPV there…..

  10. blerg

    I can’t wait to see her James Deen movie.

  11. Hugh Evers

    And she will wear a wig. Definitely marriage-worthy.

  12. So what site do they cam on?

  13. what kind of sex game gone wrong resulted in his arm becoming fused to her elbow?

  14. Is he wearing swimming goggles?!?!

  15. martina

    Stay classy Joanna

  16. The Superficial turned into a hardcore sex site so gradually I barely even noticed.

  17. “No seriously, I saw this on ANALogy of a Call Girl. You just need to relax…”

  18. The Superficial: Look at our site for a minute, open up real porn in another window, come back when you’re done and write something in the comment thread.

  19. Wow…she really is spectacular! I’d go down on her like an elevator.

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