1. crime scene photos are hot.

  2. cc

    Just think, earlier that day she was slathering suntan lotion on that ass.

  3. Dammit, the rufies are kicking in, and I’m stuck at work.

  4. crb

    She must be anoxic.

    Hang on Bar, I know exactly what will resuscitate you! Be there in a sec.

  5. Why is that man wearing a bikini?

  6. Why does her butt look like it’s going to rob a bank?

  7. CrashHell

    There are three things I love in this world: Kylie Minogue, dimples just above a woman’s buttocks, and the fear in a man’s eye when he know’s I’m about to hurt him.

  8. MoreMariaNow!!

    How exactly did she post this pic????

  9. Life’s tough, I know.

  10. martina

    And why was she ever interested in DiCaprio?
    Never mind …. I get it.

  11. Poor little poppet…looks like I totally wore her out.
    (Nice fantasy, anyway.)

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