1. TooCoo

    If that’s only the toe, that camel must be 100′ tall!

  2. The only woman alive that could ever make a camel-toe classy.

  3. Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike!
    What toe is it?

  4. See Khloe, this is how you do white bottoms with a black stripe.

  5. cc

    A body I’d describe as ‘generous’.

    Which is a compliment, believe me.

  6. From Krupa to this? It’s gonna be a great night.

  7. She’s simply incapable of doing wrong. If she dabbled at supervillainy, she would accidentally cure AIDS worldwide.

  8. Cock Dr

    That woman knows how 2 straddle a seam.

  9. i love you, Kelly!!

  10. It’s inconceivable for a blog-trolling nerd to say ANYTHING remotely snarky in the presence of such utter perfection.

  11. “Kelly, baby…just three words: NAKED BEAVER SHOTS!”

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