1. cc

    Due to the government being shut down and all, I’ll say it. I’d bang the hell out of this little nubile. Haha, suck it NSA! You aren’t even getting paid!

  2. bob

    does this rich bitch do anything besides lounging around beaches and hot tubs? Daddys money goes a long way to be doing nothing productive I guess.

  3. May Johner

    This is the first time I’ve been attracted to a rude, thoughtless little pig!

  4. Sorry, no amount of exercise or yoga on the beach is going to fix the face.

  5. Listen, you’ve got to hand it to her – she knows what her best asset is and she works it. It’s exceptionally rare for a 17-year-old celebutard to to know that her face is “iffy” at best.

  6. Oldnslo

    Flying sidekick to Invisible Dad. There is no defense!

  7. That’s right. Stay fit and sexy, baby. I love your flexibility.

  8. George Nitales

    Ready for the role of Cammy in next Street Fighter movie….

  9. “@ralphmacchio i’m gonna put you in a body bag lol #dadthatsajoke”

  10. Since 17 is legal where I live, and the Federal Government doesn’t exist at the moment (that is how I interpret things), I feel comfortable saying “nice ass”.

  11. Little Tongue

    This girl seriously needs a job. Too much time to waste. Anyone knows if she swallows?

  12. Bubba

    Ugh. Haven’t we seen enough of this idiot yet? She’s starting to become a little too Paris Hilton-esque for my tastes. Attention whore with a passable body, and butt ugly face.

    • She’s not ugly in the slightest. Google her and check her out. I think you’re just jealous because she’s got it made whereas regular “Johnny-Lunch-Buckets” like you and me have had to put effort into our lives.

  13. donkeylicks

    I thought that they did away with Wonder Woman’s whole invisible plane schtick?

  14. martina

    nice ass … that’s it … really … I mean it

  15. jt20

    Ireland Baldwin seems to be all about herself with all these instagram pics and nothing else.

  16. anonym

    Nice karate. Good form.

  17. Huh……. pigs can fly.

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