1. Is the moose pelt a sign that she’s back with Beiber?

  2. The skirt is too long.

  3. This is from her new campaign, “I’d rather wear fur, than date Justin Bieber”.

  4. It’s the hottest new item for 12 year old girls this Christmas.

  5. “Mirror, mirror on the wall…
    Who dated the stupidest person of all?”

  6. Why no mirror on the floor, so I can see up her skirt?

  7. Needs more puss.

  8. Dear potential terrorists: you can’t bomb marathons that look this good.

  9. That ass is so fake. She ain’t got nothing back there in real life.

    • Little Tongue

      … she ain’t got nothing going on, ass wise, in that picture either… Don’t know what you’re bitching about…

  10. Bitch is beautiful.

  11. lily

    nice legs

  12. martina

    mmmm nice ass, still looks like she’s trying to play dress up, though.

  13. “It looks good, but is it whorey enough for the Disney execs?”

  14. “That guy with the huge ding-a-ling was right. I AM way too hot for that Bieber punk!”

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