1. I’m imagining the .gif of this.

  2. That’s some case of blue balls.

  3. This makes me WANT animal testing!

  4. B&WMinstrel

    Winning Grand Slam tournaments? There’s an ape for that.

  5. Animal

    Thanks for not posting the pic the pictured photographer is snapping.

  6. Toe Jam

    I like sweaty pussy…keep it up girls.

  7. cc

    The good, old motivational boot in the ass.

  8. “This next exercise is called the “Kim K and Ray J (grabs Microphone)… I’m Ray J”!”

  9. “Ladies, though it’s only symbolic, when you kick these balls, kick ‘em as HARD as you can!”

  10. tidbit

    I’ve been amazed at women shooting ping pong balls out, but DAMN this takes the cake!

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