1. Uh, that’s not gonna age well.

  2. She looks like a weird Disney cartoon.

  3. Ladies, please review the timeline of Jwow to learn how to ruin a perfectly cute girl with whorish tactics, cosmetic surgery, and drugs.

  4. pipedreamer

    Now we know what would happen if Catherine Zeta-Jones ever got pregnant with Corky from Life Goes On’s child.

  5. Tommy T

    starting to look asian

  6. Toe Jam


  7. Whose mom is this?

  8. Not bad at all. It’s definitely a step up from the closed mouth smile she’s always sporting.

  9. Michael

    Sadly, I thought this was Emannuelle Chiriqui.

  10. Mickey01232000

    Isn;’t that the same face Jack Nicholson had in Batman?

  11. Joe Blow

    The face that launched a thousand sailors running the other way.

  12. Her fake eyelashes are ridiculous.

  13. she needs to get her $$ back from the face Dr.

  14. She told her plastic surgeon “I wanna look like Tracey Ullman with huge cans!” and he ran with it.

  15. Very cute, especially for an imbecile.

  16. So sad. This girl used to be good looking. Now, she’s putting on weight, getting bizzaro face surgery and… and… gee-ZUS! is that the start of a meth face on those cheeks?Thank God she got that education to back herself up when her looks went south. Wait a minute…

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