1. “Excuse me, my good man. Can I buy that wonderful animal headdress off your head?”

  2. “I’M Ron Burgundy?”

  3. renotastic

    “Just put that dead crow in my trailer.”

  4. Are we just gonna pretend Walter White’s not in the background?

  5. Little Tongue

    “Smell that pussy, dude. Best one I had in years.”

  6. Mohawk Disco

    Smell my finger. Does it still smell like kraken?

  7. Kali ma… Kali ma!!

  8. Swearin

    Everyone forgot about Ron Burgundy’s little brother, Bob Tangerine

  9. cc

    When that black realized his reflection is a white guy, he’s going to be fucking surprised.

  10. anonymous

    “That is the smell of Amber Heard. I never wash it off.”

  11. Phoenix

    “No, really. *I’M* the wolf of Wall Street.”

  12. “Wait a second…Are you Lil’ John? Where’s your Pimp cup?”

  13. Andie

    Ugh. I hate the blond on him.

  14. “My name is Mortdecai. I have the power of turning your reflection in the mirror white. Look upon me with awe.”

  15. PassingTrue

    Johnny Depp attempts the vulcan nerve pinch on Whoopi.

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