1. “Welcome, Frodo of the Shire — one who has seen THE EYE!”

  2. Hugh G. Rection

    How did the camera lens not crack?

  3. Lady Galadriel. Such a beautiful woman. I can watch her in anything.

  4. JimBB

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall….

  5. George P. Burdell

    At his first prostate exam

  6. I don’t care what face you make Cate, as soon as that restraining order expires…

  7. I still love her, despite how disturbing this photo is.

  8. Who the hell opened the mummy’s tomb AGAIN? We just got rid of the last curse, for fuck’s sake…

  9. Andie

    I love her. I think she looks fantastic.

  10. PassingTrue

    There was a brief panic before Cate was reassured that Twinkies are now back on store shelves.

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