1. I heard his parents are as dead as those coyotes he’s wearing.

  2. Poor bastard. Has to screw a Kartrashian and wear Kanye’s bullshit clothes.

  3. What the fuck is that shithead wearing? Look closely at those pants? And what is that fucking jacket? Sweet Jeebus, why is there never a sniper around when you really need one?

  4. ThisWillHurt

    Nice of Kim to make him a jacket out of the North’s plucked unibrow hairs. That family knows how to make fashion sentimental.

  5. renotastic

    Diddy’s making clothes out of dogs again.

  6. JimBB

    The animal that he killed for that vest had a higher IQ than these two combined.

    • I count at least 11 animals, and chances are it’s probably more than double that.

      And every one of them still had a higher IQ than the two of them combined.

  7. George P. Burdell

    And his royal highness the king of the douchebags and his royal meal-ticket Famewhore the elder.

  8. robb7

    Is that knucklehead Kanye dressing the entire fuckin’ family!

  9. Pants courtesy of Kanye’s laundry bin. Vest courtesy of Khloe’s shedding.

  10. Retitles it “Jared Leto and friend”

  11. Yep, totally a 100% straight man.

  12. Deacon Jones

    If he ever got sent to federal pen for something, he’s be sucking dick before they even told him to.

    • ADL

      Hahaha – I love prison rape jokes and gay slurs. Suck dick voluntarily? Worst ever! Yep, sucking dick = pathetic. Every gay man is as worthless as an attention-seeking reality “star” who fakes his own life for TV.

  13. coljack

    “It’s real wookie fur. I can only wear it when Khloe’s not around.”

  14. “How does all of this fur make me look “More like a real Khardshian” again? Oh…wait…I get it now!”

  15. That coat was made from shaved hair from Khloe’s back, nice christmas gift to give him. Keep rocking that coat douche-bag.

  16. Swearin

    “Get it, honey? It’s because I’m foxy! Haha”
    “If you hadn’t knocked me up, you would’ve been booted from the family so fast…”

  17. anonymous

    I see Kim K’s fur thong finally split into two pieces.

  18. Typo, Photo Boy. Strike “is.”

  19. Dumb and Dumber…but not necessarily in that order.

  20. Matt

    Why don’t they just abbreviate his last name to ‘Dick’ already.

  21. WARNING: Prolonged exposure to a Kardashian may lead to involuntary gender reassignment. (See also: Jenner, Bruce.)

  22. PassingTrue

    The “pistol grip” GI Joe pose on a “Ken doll” inaction figure.

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