1. Come on… It’s like he’s just inviting us to make comments…

  2. boing


  3. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    He needs an “I’m with stupid” cover for his phone

  4. it had to be said

    I get the sense he was “spinning webs” on guys long before he was Spider-Man.

  5. EricLr

    So much for the idea that all gay men are snappy dressers.

  6. The Pope


  7. DeucePickle

    Will someone please pick one of her 3 three rings she’s already paid for and marry this bitch so she can get her life back on track ?

  8. Buddy the Elf

    Whatever he is doing is extremely exhausting.
    And Gay.

  9. Johnny P!

    “So, Tobey, what are T-Rex Man’s special powers again?”

  10. Contusion

    And I ran, I ran so far away.

  11. Liz

    Is it safe for Chaz Bono to take so much testosterone that he can grow a beard?

  12. jeffiner

    this guy is minutes away from molesting a child

  13. This is actually Tallulah Willis before hair and make up.

  14. Spider Moobs, Spider Moobs, do whatever Spider Moobs do.

  15. Never before has one photo exhibited the attitude “I’m rich enough” this completely.

  16. uncle denial

    So are they finally going to make that Peter Porker the Amazing Spider-Ham movie.

  17. Bonky

    “Ooof, what is this, Austria ? I hate doing these things. I really hope they don’t ask me to do some “Spidey” shit. I am so out of shape I couldn’t climb a stair case, forget about asking me to climb some rope shit or something.”

  18. cc

    Bringing back the word ‘foppish’ all by himself.

  19. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    Since when did they get radioactive chickens in Austrailia?

  20. The Brown Streak

    To appeal to a different audience in Australia, the movie execs decided on a more gay and white Fat Albert.

  21. AnnaDraconida

    He wanted to spit but then he spotted the paps, so he swallowed.

  22. Chet

    Steve Reeves, Christopher Reeves, Tobey Maguire.
    Every generation has its superheroes.
    What does this say about the latest generation?

  23. Honey

    Leave him alone, it’s that time of month and he’s bloated!

  24. See him slouch
    on a door
    Once was trim
    now there’s more
    Look out …

  25. Lolli-Pop

    Honey Badger don’t give a shit!

  26. With great power comes great responsititties.

  27. Kyle

    I think he looks like a blow fish, the kind that you see at SeaWorld.

  28. onos

    getting ready for his new role as a stunt double for zack galifianakis

  29. Best comments yet.

  30. journalschism

    Auditioning for “The Jon Gosselin Story.”

  31. Little Tongue

    T-rex on the prowl…

  32. Toatlly. Not. Too. Hot. In. Australia.

  33. Horrified

    Full Retard meets Full Hobo.

  34. Why can’t K.D. Lang remember to wash her face in the morning? It’s looks like she has a beard.

  35. So this is what Spiderman would really look like once he hit 40.

  36. suhon12

    So this is Gatsby’s sidekick? I hope he gets himself in shape for the premieres! He needs to do more movies too. The last great thing was “Brothers’.

  37. sc4play

    I don’t remember Rachel Dratch having a fivehead. Hmm. My bad,

  38. Adam

    Whenever i get out of a vehicle, I make a retarded dinosaur pose too.

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