1. EricLr

    Suck on THIS, person who said the fashion industry wasn’t interesting in Hollywood one-hit-wonders!

  2. it had to be said

    Is that an expression I see? Wow. What range!

  3. SSHGuru

    I’m Snow Fucking White!

  4. Dude

    Lagerfeld is not impressed.

  5. Now we can say we’ve seen emotion from Kristen Stewart, folks, and we don’t like it.

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    The night the Paris fashion world learned the true meaning of self entitled

  7. Sooner or later, somebody is going to have to bury Lagerfeld. Hasn’t he been dead since 1996?

  8. vgirl

    Say all you want but she is who she is and will not change and conform to the hollywood mold of boring celebrities. Instead of kissing ass and acting all proper she’s having fun and joking around and being herself. You don’t see Blake Lively having her own personality around Karl. She’s hanging on to every word he would say.

    • HappySue

      I so agree with you! She is her own self and no hollywood ho. Most of these on here are just losers and probably know it. That is why they are so grouchy! Love them…

    • Joaquin ingles

      Are you supposed to be the boring female version of Randal?

      • vgirl

        I am not on here enough apparently because I do not know who the hell is Randal. Things like a job and real life get in the way. So enlighten me.

  9. Friday Jones

    Stay classy.

  10. Bonky

    Why is Kristen giving the “bird” to a vampire, she owes her whole fucking career to vampires.

  11. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    The way she’s reacting, talent must have just walked into the room.

  12. Who’s she looking at? The finger says “Fuck you” but the eyes add a “I’d like to … ” in front of it.

  13. Colin

    If she does it when he’s not looking the other way he hits her with his fan.

  14. The Brown Streak

    Surely this is no way to greet the host of Fantasy Island.

  15. butt juice

    Karl Lagerfeld is supposed to be some huge name fucking fashion honcho. Why does he always steal the souls of worthless “actresses” (I use that term loosely) like Kristen Stewart and Blake Lively? This twat dresses like a butch lesbian circa 1993.

    • Peter

      I’m sure it’s not Blake Lively’s soul he was after. As for this talentless ugly cunt… it must be necrophilia.

  16. Raibow Jizz

    This is how small glitter penis is.

  17. cc

    At least she doesn’t look sullen.

  18. oldfool

    Using the hair gel made famous in “There’s Something About Mary.”

  19. Lolli-Pop

    You can’t teach class and she obviously can’t buy it.

  20. Swearin

    A future version of one of those bodyguard twins from Martrix Reloaded sat down next to Ms. Stewart, who did not appreciate it.

  21. Mr. Lagerfeld, I’ll let you smell Cedric Diggory’s butthole for some free swag.

  22. booboo

    Nastiness makes you look 10X uglier than you actually are. Yuck!

  23. Fuck you old man!

  24. Peter

    I hope this arrogant twat does a Megan Fox and quickly disappears. I hate stupid cunts who give the finger in pictures for no reason.

  25. Viewer

    You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl.

  26. Ana

    It’s a good try at emotion, but I’m not sure I buy it.

  27. Meg

    you know what kristen stewart? you don’t want to be famous becuase you hate the popularity? THEN DONT’ BE IN TWILIGHT AND OTHER BIG BUDGET MOVIES. it’s really simple. hate bitches like her.

  28. Colostomy Bag

    It took a decrepit old Nazi (think the Hitler youth) pedophile to make Kristin smile? That says more than she can know.

  29. georgia

    always the portrait of refinement

  30. elissa

    A better ending than her last movie.

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